M1 Specifications


M1ENC-V61-BB-TW1: M1 Version 6.1, black exterior
M1ENC-V61-SB-TW1: M1 Version 6.1, silver exterior

For M1 Window Side Panel, please visit www.W360MOD.com

Enclosure Volume 12.7L
Enclosure External Dimensions (L x W x H) Excluding feet/protrusions: 328mm x 160.6mm x 241.7mm
Including protrusions: 338mm x 160.6mm x 255.5mm
Enclosure Interior Dimensions 307mm x 157mm x 237mm
Enclosure Weight 2.0kg
Shipment Weight 3.4kg
Shipment Dimensions 400mm x 305mm x 220mm
Materials Exterior: brushed anodized aluminum, 1.5mm front and sides, 2mm top panel
Interior frame: 1.5mm matte black painted aluminum
Interior fan bracket and vented undercarriage: 1.2mm black steel
Power button with dual-color LED backlight (power on/HDD access)
Two USB Type A ports (to 19 pin USB header)
One USB Type C port (to 20 pin/Type E header, see list of compatible boards)
One 3.5mm headphone/mic combo jack (to HD Audio header)
Blank no-I/O face plate included