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Please check the Frequently Asked Questions before submitting a support request:

Q: When will you resume shipping to my country?

A: We don't know. We ship via air mail that is transported on passenger flights, which have been greatly reduced due to the coronavirus pandemic. If we can't ship to you, it's because there aren't enough available flights from Taiwan to your country, and we can't predict when this will resolve for any given country.


Q: Can you ship to the Netherlands?

A: We've had some problems with the courier in the Netherlands, PostNL, not notifying customers of waiting packages resulting in returns. As a consequence we've stopped shipping to the Netherlands.


Q: Can you ship through another service that uses their own planes (e.g., DHL, FedEx)?

A: Not at this time. These carriers require business accounts to ship with, and as NCASE is not a registered business in Taiwan we are ineligible to open such an account with them.

Q: Can I change the color of my case, shipping method, update the shipping address, or cancel my order?

A: Yes, but any changes must be submitted by the Sunday before your shipping date. We lock orders on Monday to submit to the carrier and cannot make any changes or cancel an order after that point. Color changes are only possible if we have the requested color available for that shipping date, or else the order can be moved to the next available date.

Please note that cancellations/refunds are subject to a nonrefundable 4% payment processing fee (charged by the payment provider).

Q: My order shipped, where's my tracking number?

A: Tracking numbers are typically sent out at the end of the week of your shipping batch.

Q: The tracking hasn't updated for a long time, did my order get lost?

A: 95% of the time when the tracking doesn't update for a while it's because the package is waiting to be processed through customs in the destination country. Customs processing centers may at times become backed up, which can result in delays of 2-3 weeks or more. This has been especially severe at a few centers since the coronavirus outbreak (e.g. ISC Los Angeles and ISC Chicago are known to have had long delays over the past couple of months). Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to speed up this process.


You can also check out the various resources and documentation we've published regarding our Terms & Conditions, Shipping Guidelines, Privacy Policy, and Limited Warranty to see if any of those address your questions.


To contact us regarding ordering, shipping, or payments please use the contact  form.

If you have any questions about the products we sell, from component compatibility and specifications to customizations and feature-related inquiries, reaching out to us directly via NCASE on SFF.Network or NCASE on Reddit is the best way.

We typically respond to support emails in batches once a week, as such, if you don't get an immediate response, don't worry - we've received your message and will address it as soon as we can.

— Team NCASE